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Ten C calls this jacket their "Anthracite Campus Jacket" and, like, I get it. Jackets like this are perfect for beautiful spring days on campus. I remember there'd always be some asshole who would ask the professor to hold the lecture or discussion outside when the weather got really nice. Since where I went to college there was only ever, like, 25 kids at most in class, inevitably one or two professors would acquiesce, which was my signal to follow the class out to the quad and then, when they sat down in the grass, bounce directly back home. THIS CLASS ON CARGO CULTS ISN'T THE TIME OR PLACE FOR WHIMSICAL OUTDOOR DISCUSSION SESSIONS, DAWG. No one pays attention once the discussion gets moved outside. How do I know? One time I got to campus and it was so nice outside that instead of going into class I just kicked it on the quad with my friends hitting a hidden bong. How do you hide a bong on a campus quadrangle? You just stick that shit in a backpack. DUH. Anyways, that day my class watched me rip a bong inside of a backpack from afar while my professor struggled to get them to focus on creation mythology. The next class all anyone could talk about was the backpack bong. And that's how I know nobody pays attention when class is outside.