Clarks Wallabees remind me of two things: 1. Breaking Bad, which is a top tier TV show with a top tier signature footwear choice for Walter White and 2. struggle visvim. Seriously, If you want a relatively similar look for literally a fraction of the price, Wallabees are there for you when you need them. Supreme's latest collaborated with Clarks is all about the Wallabee low, complete with a two-tone paint job reminiscent of some shit Ghostface would wear in a heartbeat. Coming in red, purple, black and green, these release this Thursday in-store at New York, LA and London, and online that same day. For real though, these are stupid good. Are you fucking kidding me with the black colorway? This black and tan is way better than the actual drink, which tastes like shit as far as I am concerned. Also, we're all on board with the fact that crepe soles are king right? The comfort and appearance they provide is second to none.