Tel-Aviv based street artist Know Hope (aka the "Israeli Banksy") has been on our radar for a while now for the poetic and powerful work that he creates both on the streets of Israel and for gallery and museum settings. We learned more about the artist recently in an interview about other artists who inspire his work, (which you can read here and also in Complex's August/September 2014 issue).

To add to his already impressive resumé, Know Hope recently opened his largest solo show to date in his home country on March 26 at the Gordon Gallery in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Titled "Truth and Method," the exhibition features a series of triptychs comprised of different facets of Know Hope's work. Photographs show some of the artist's site-specific, text-based works that use the environment and words to illustrate a larger idea in the viewer's mind.

The artist then tattooed the text onto individuals who responded to an open-call. "The idea was to slightly alter the conduct-because people, unlike walls, are interactive and actively create these images in everyday situations," read a press release, "inevitably creating new meanings for the phrases that have become a permanent part of their personal narratives."

The third component of the triptychs are studio pieces that complete what the gallery calls the three "translations" of the original text.

"Our Insides Showing" triptych

Check out more preview shots of the "Truth and Method" exhibition below. There will be a talk with Know Hope at the gallery on April 17, so check out their website for more info.

"A Mirror" triptych
"We Lost Nothing" triptych
"Our Stubbornness" 
"Helpless" triptych