Steven Alan (born Steven Alan Grossman) opened his New York store in 1994 as a way to curate new designers. By 1999 he was launching his own eponymous label with his take on contemporary apparel standards. The city-based chain of stores stretches from NYC to D.C., from L.A. to Japan, and much like the many brick and mortar it holds under its umbrella, there's plenty of selection from Europe, Japan, and the U.S.' best brands.

Steven Alan's line itself is much like Band of Outsiders, collegiate and classic, offering up an insane amount of button up shirting with outerwear, suiting, denim and basics to match. A guy could buy his entire wardrobe at Steven Alan and not only be decked out in brands like Acne Studios, A.P.C., and Engineered Garments, but have great clothes from the store's exclusive line. Yes, the brand began in NYC, but the appeal of Steven Alan is as global as the roster of brands the store carries.