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If you look at our history of posting about Stampd gear you can see it's very black and white. You would almost think we're colorblind or your computer monitor was fucking up or something. For F/W 15 there's a bit more life and color, with olive and off-white making the cut. Listen, Stampd isn't reinventing the wheel by any means, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. What Stampd does really well is create a cohesive collection of trendy stuff that mixes and matches with little to no effort. It's low maintenance. You can pair basically anything in this collection with just about anything else from the brand or what you already own. Typically, we either see certain brands take a different approach each season or work to cultivate a consistent "look." Stampd does the latter well, whether you like the clothing or not. More than anything, it's the look that is super popular right now: skinny, ripped jeans, a shredded denim shirt that looks like you've worn it for years, thin outerwear capable of being worn together, some clean kicks (Stampd's new proper footwear program is highlighted here) and maybe a pattern. In this case, it's the marble that Raf put on the map when he was at Jil Sander. So, throw it all on, layer that shit up and get on with your life once fall rolls around.