In 2005, a South Korean man was sent to jail for burglary; but rather than give up his criminal habits following his release, he decided he’d change his face. 

According to police in South Korea, the 35-year-old thief resorted to plastic surgery in an attempt to disguise his identity. Not too longer after his alterations, he embarked on a nine-month robbery spree, which netted over $479,000 in cash and goods. We’re assuming a good portion of that was going to pay off his extensive cosmetic procedures.

Law enforcement officials say the suspect underwent jaw surgery to change his facial structure, and limb-lengthening surgery to add to his height. Take that in. This man got plastic surgery so he could rob a few more places, which is just as creepy as the dudes who get work done to resemble celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian

After he was arrested earlier this month for 87 cases of robbery, the man confessed to the crime, but insisted he had plastic surgery because he didn’t like the way he looked. And, although South Korea does have a reputation for being obsessed with self-improvement, the officers weren't buying it. 

Maybe the man, whose photo has not been released at this time, will finally learn his lesson.

[via Daily Mail]