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It seems like there are a ton of fashion docs coming out. No complaints there. Documentaries are fucking dope. They can be fun and lighthearted or super serious about culturally relevant events. And, at this point, sneakers are one of those culturally relevant events, though not overtly serious, which is exactly why there's a new documentary coming out about sneakerheads, entitled Sneakerheadz, debuting at SXSW today. Oh, you're not at South By? Neither are we. But you can see the trailer here that touches on all the facets of sneaker culture from hypebeasts to purist collectors with hundreds of pairs. The filmmakers spoke to all the heavy hitters like Complex's own Russ Bengtson, DJ Clark Kent, Wale, Ben Baller and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, amongst many others. No official release date has been announced yet, so if you're feeling generous, donate to the cause to help it get a wider release.