When you're one of the best high-fashoin sneaker outlets in the fucking world, you get dope exclusives, which is exactly what happened with Sneakerboy and Kris Van Assche on these Multilace lows. KVA is well-known for the Multilace highs that make you look like a fucking lunatic. They're one of the most iconic high-fashion sneakers in the game. Recently, KVA introduced a low top model that is thoroughly good. And because Sneakerboy is becoming the de facto spot for designer sneakers, KVA and SB teamed up for a couple exclusive colorways (all-white and all-black, natch) and shot an editorial in Berlin with Nicolas Santos and Salvatore Caputo. I mean, I'm a semi KVA stan so the bias is strong here, but these are pretty dope. With a neoprene sock liner—I support all neoprene sock liners btw—they're probably super comfortable and just think about the nonchalant possibilities of the laces. Do you not realize how important it is to make your laces look sick? It's almost as important as the shoe itself. Okay, that's a complete exaggeration, but you get what I'm saying. These are available exclusively at Sneakerboy and Kris Van Assche's Paris store. Do you even have to ask? Of course they're limited.