Riccardo Tisci Talks Jay Z's Style and a Secret Upcoming Collaboration With Nike

The designer sat down with WWD to talk inspirations, style, and the future of Givenchy.

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Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci recently sat down with WWD to talk about a variety of fashion-related topics, including pushing gender boundaries with menswear, how Givenchy is growing in the retail space, the male celebrities who inspire him with their style, and his upcoming projects.

Of his varied male muses, Tisci lists artist Matthew Barney, English singer Antony Hegarty, actor Jared Leto, and a wildcard that we did not see coming: Jay Z. "We are very close and I think he’s amazing," Tisci said of Leto. "He’s the king of the moment of style. He decides what to wear and he’s got such a fashion sensibility. I’m inspired by him. And there’s Jay Z, who I really respect very much," he added. "I think he’s got a very good sense of style." To be fair, Jay Z has taken a number of style risks over the years, including that time he wore a women's jersey by Rodarte while going for a walk with Beyoncé in New York City, but it's not often that we hear someone call him a style icon.

Later in the interview, Tisci was asked if he was still designing sneakers and he revealed that there will be a follow-up to his popular collaboration with Nike last year. "There’s a really big new project coming up. I can’t talk about it too much, but I’ll probably do two big things with them: One is the worldwide and one is related to a specific country. I mean, this country’s going to be the next big thing, and I really believe in it and so does Nike." If his debut Nike + R.T. release is any indication, definitely keep an eye out for this follow-up.

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