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This Norse Projects jacket looks a lot like the upholstery on that one chair in your grandma's house that you're not allowed to sit in, which is exactly why I think I like it. I'm all about my work jackets referencing antique chairs and tapestries. I would probably wear this as a layering piece because the bubble weave is a bit full turbo. But can you imagine this under a nice, solid topcoat? Dawg, your upper torso will look so fucking Rococo. You better buy this now so you can get some solid layering days in before they're a wrap. Personally, I'd wear this underneath a mac with some white sneakers and just hang out at the art museum's arms and armor gallery sipping on a little bit of coffee with a lot of sugar and cream. Wait, can you drink coffees in art museums? I wouldn't know. I’ve never tried BECAUSE I'M NOT A FUCKING OSTROGOTH.