As to be expected, I'm very into the latest Nepenthes New York editorial, entitled "Don't Hold Me Close," highlighting Engineered Garments S/S 15. It vibes very much like those movies set in New York where a precocious youth and a grizzled old person start an unlikely friendship and nothing really happens during the movie, but it's shot beautifully and the soundtrack is so next level so it can't help but becomes a critical darling. Like, I'm not even that old, but I'm down for an unlikely inter-generational friendship where I teach one of you assholes about the deeper meanings of life and loss and regret and hope and second chances and just when you start to realize how dope I am and how much I still have to offer society and finally read and edited my long-awaited follow-up to my breakout novel/memoir, you'll rush over to my apartment to tell me you found a publisher, but I'll have just suddenly died peacefully in my sleep and at the reading of my will you'll learn that I want you to publish my book and use the proceeds to travel the world and make all the same mistakes I did and you'll be sad, but also uplifted. Applications for my precocious protege are being accepted now. Hit the comments. Just remember, I die at the end.