Damn, Needles just made my new favorite coach's jacket. This is the jacket I want to wear on the sidelines as I coach a youth soccer team, mentoring them not only about sports, but life in general, a scenario I've covered numerous times here on the Pins. Do you know how intimidated the weekend dad coaching the other team would be if I showed up with this jacket on? I'd have a bunch of dope halftime snacks in the sleeve pocket and my whistle hanging around my neck on a gold box chain, doing that really rapid hard clapping thing that coaches do during pre-game warmups. I'd go over to shake his hand before the game and say something like, "Good luck, buddy." And he'd just be like, "Damn, this guy means business. I'm just wearing the same thing I wear to mow the lawn. We're fucking screwed." Then, my team would lose because we spent more time making sure our uniforms looked dope and that we all had fire cleats and a team name was the perfect play on a topical rap group's name than actually practicing.