Dr. Woo of the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles is known for his intensely intricate, black and white tattoos. His detailed work is permanently etched onto celebrities like Drake, Kid Cudiand Miley Cyrus.

Mr Porter spent the day with Dr. Woo as he biked around Los Angeles, fitted in some highly coveted pieces, such as a Saint Laurent camo jacket and an Acne hoodie. The 33-year-old tattoo artist started his career as a fashion buyer and designer, and then left the industry for an apprenticeship with Shamrock Social Club owner Mark Mahoney. Dr. Woo told Mr Porter he'd probably be involved in "Fashion, art… Some kind of creative branding," if he weren't a tattoo artist. 

​Check out a sampling of Dr. Woo's work below, and watch the exclusive film from Mr Porter over above. 

[via Mr Porter]