When it comes to denim care, there is a never-ending list of tips and guidelines that promise to keep your jeans looking good for an extended period of time. Some of the advice is nothing more than ridiculous myths, while others have proven to be pretty spot-on.

In an effort to clear up the confusion, Mr Porter teamed up with denim expert Michael Williams, founder of A Continuous Lean, for a short informational video that lays down the basics for denim maintenance. He addresses everything from the difference between prewashed and raw, how to avoid dye transfer, dealing with stuck zippers, and how to properly wash your jeans while maintaining their look and shape. But one of the most sound pieces of advice he gives is learning to accept when jeans are no longer wearable.

Check out the video above to hear all of Williams’ suggestions. Your denim collection will be thankful.

[via Mr Porter]