The image of Miley Cyrus swinging around on a wrecking ball in her underwear during the music video for her song "Wrecking Ball" is already burnt into most of our minds. That wasn't enough for Cyrus and the wax museum Madame Tussauds, though, which just unveiled this wax statue of the singer that recreates a scene from the song's famous video.

The wax statue debuted yesterday at Madame Tussauds' Las Vegas location. The museum set the wax figure up on a 130-foot-high crane and, according to Oh No They Didn't!the statue of Cyrus and the ball combined weighs over 200 pounds and will be permanently displayed in the music room. 

If Cyrus is anything like soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, expect a stylist to check in on the statue's hair once a month

Image via @TussaudsVegas on Twitter

[via Madame Tussauds​ on Facebook & Oh No They Didn't!]