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This Marni fishtail is basically two jackets in one, but I don''t think you can actually separate them. I remember when I was really little I had this Spider-Man toy that was Spider-Man on a motorcycle, but Spider-Man didn't actually come off the motorcycle. Yeah, it was all one toy, which, evidently, pissed me off. My parents told me how I used to rant about how you shouldn't make a toy with Spider-Man glued onto his motorcycle because the whole point of buying a Spider-Man toy is to play with fucking Spider-Man. I don't know guys, I was a very particular toy consumer in my youth. I wouldn't be that upset with this jacket not being separable because, to be honest, it looks better as a full, layered unit. To review: Jackets with layers that cannot be separated are okay, Spider-Men that cannot dismount their Spider Cycles are hot garbage.