Lease On Life Society rings in its first collection of 2015 with easily its strongest yet. If you've been following along at all, the growth and evolution of Lease is apparent. What started off as an experimental and almost avant garde collection of futuristic gear has come into its own with a unique take on daily wear items. That's really the best way to describe the clothing here because describing clothing without sounding like a complete knob is difficult to do. But it's really a full line-up of stuff you'd wear every single day complete with an interesting detail or cut to set them apart from the standard, kinda boring shit you reach for every morning before you even open your eyes. The collection, entitled "BRVDO3," is littered with bangers. Tapered, cotton chinos are outfitted with a zipper at the ankle and feature an enormous cargo pocket on the right side that has 50 shades of DRKSHDW written all over it. Sleeveless hoodies have that signature Lease exaggerated waistband and a huge, all-encapsulating hood. There's also collarless jackets and skinny, customized denim that's ripped and repaired with a two-tone look. Popovers drop the collar as well and come in a smooth caramel plaid, a spot-on colorway that runs throughout. You can expect this stuff to hit Lease's website on Sunday, March 29th at 7pm EST. Shit always flies fast, so make sure you're ready to cop the second it drops.