News has been popping up all over the internet about the possible fold, bankruptcy and/or selling of Karmaloop, and since setting the record straight with our friends over at Four Pins, further news has emerged from the man himself, Greg Selkoe, and his possible new partners, Dame Dash and Kanye West. Apparently confirmed by Dash's Instagram videos and Selkoe's tweet (embedded below); Dash and 'Ye are currently in negotiations to Purchase Karmaloop.  Although quite why they thought BBC News might need to know about it is beyond us (check out the @'s in Dash's Instagrams).

Dash says “You know, honorable people stick together, so this is how the generations do. Now you super famous (pointing to West) and we linking up and we decided to go buy Karmaloop. We just talked about it, so it’s gonna happen, and a couple other cool things.” Selkoe has made a point of mentioning that he is not going anywhere, and plans to remain a part of Karmaloop's future. 

Check out the confirmation below, and hold tight for more news as this unfolds.