Jared Leto is easily, to me, the most hateable dude in the universe. He is a double threat of suck. On one end of the spectrum, it seems like he's only in the sort of movies that dumb people would hypothetically give an Oscar to. In the past ten years alone, Leto has played, in no particular order: the last man on earth, Alexander the Great's gay lover, a serial killer who murders women he meets through personal ads, Nicolas Cage's coke addicted sidekick in a movie about arms dealing that was endorsed by Amnesty International and even got fat to play the dude who murdered John Lennon. All of those movies were outlandishly bad and if you like them, then you too are bad. On the other end, he's the front man of 30 Seconds to Mars, which is probably the third worst mainstream rock band in history, behind Puddle of Mudd and, like, The Black Crowes.

Simply put, Jared Leto is famous because we literally have no one else to fill his archetype. There are relatively few dudes who make both rock music and act these days, so we just have to take what we can get. Where we once had Sting and Kris Kristofferson, who were both dope as fuck by the way, now we've got Jared Leto, who sucks at everything except for when he was in Dallas Buyers Club, which was a certified slapper of the silver screen. Recently, Leto stepped it up another notch for clueless celebrities the world over by releasing his own line of fanny packs, which you can buy at his website for the low price (?) of $32. Meanwhile, his most recent Oscars look (Givenchy tux, natch) reminded us all that homeboy lives his life by the precepts laid out for him in Lil B's "Look Like Jesus."

Still, because Jared Leto is so egregiously famous and also so egregiously good looking, he is photographed a lot by people. Because he thinks that bad, artless ideas are artsy and good, he often looks ridiculous. And so, Jared Leto, we celebrate your pretentious career choices, bad music and cockroach-like existence in the only way we know how: a slideshow making fun of your various outfits and rating them on a scale of 1 to 10 Coachellas, 1 being the least likely to be worn to Coachella, 10 being the most likely, with bonus points added if Leto is also wearing a fanny pack.

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