Being a swaglord is exhausting. Not only do you have to be out here constantly influencing and going to open bars and building with fam, but you have to always be on top of the most current Cool Teen™ slanguage. That's its own separate job in and of itself, as Cool Teens™ have no regard for anything. They do not respect swaglords. They do not respect authority. They are a bunch of lawless, wild beasts. As of today, March 5, 2015, their most popular phrase du jour is "it's lit," or one of its various derivatives, such as like for example, "lit like Bic" and "oh, it's fuckin' lit." And, though it is approaching the end of its life cycle as it has recently reached Celebrity Mom usage, it is a succinct phrase to denote that everything is about to, or already has, gotten considerably wild.

ADHD Sonically Personified aka Rae Sremmurd (which is supposed to be "Ear Drummers" backwards, but that would technically be "Sremmurd Rae") have replaced Future as the ambassadors of the Shirk Responsibilities And Do Whatever To Find A Semblance Of Joy movement, but the crux of the matter at hand is identifying when something is actually, truly lit. Misreading a social lituation can lead to ostracism. If a funeral is not, in fact, lit and you start pouring sparkling Moscato on the open casket corpse, there will be consequences your rich dad cannot get you out of. Thankfully, you *read Four Pins more than once* so you are already clued in. But, as with with everything, deeper insight can always be gained from professionals. You think the Pins pays me a cool fifteen bucks a think piece if I didn’t know what I was talking about? Bruh, I stay seeking out transient happiness at the cost of alienating my loved ones. So, get out your fucking notepad. This is your field guide to identifying if it's lit.

Justin Roberson got penalized in rehab cuz a bitch was 'bout to commit suicide and he said, "Oh, it's fuckin' lit." Follow him on Twitter here.