"Whoa," you mutter to yourself. You're waking up from that crazy three-way party with your two favorite sororities, and you have to get dressed for that meeting with your Dad's friend. He came all the way from his Financial District corner office to meet you for brunch. You scramble to put on clothes; pastel shorts, a patchwork madras shirt, and boat shoes. You marvel at your outfit in the mirror as you slide croakies over your head.

Does this sound familiar? From college frat rows, to Wall Street offices, basic bros are everywhere. We understand that for most men, their interest in fashion has peaked somewhat recently, exposing their closets as more of a bastion of pastels and wannabe Ivy League staples that betray their "basic bro" lifestyles. We understand that guys stick to what they know, but the moment you left the halls of your frat house for job in accounting, you should be trying to upgrade your wardrobe. We're here to show you not only what makes you look like yet another "make me a sandwich" joke making, tank top wearing, beer bong chugger, but help point you to alternatives that shouldn't stray too far out of your comfort zone. Fashion's really not that hard, and we want to show you How to Stop Dressing Like a Basic Bro.

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