Don't over complicate it. You already know how to handle your manhood, but being thorough is more important than scrubbing vigorously. Whether you're using a wash cloth, a loofah, or just a good ol' fashioned palm, a little bit of lather over the entire area is all that's required to clean your command center, and you have to apply a hands-on approach if you want to confirm that every nook and cranny is squeaky clean.  

Be cautious when selecting body washes and soaps—there's no need to scrub the bar directly to your peen and gooch areas. Even though you're intimately acquainted with this region, it's still a sensitive scene. Avoid any harsh chemicals or lotions—they're more likely to irritate the issue at hand. Think of it this way—the stuff meant for your face, like Cetaphil, is more than adequate for your peen, which is just as sensitive. Opt for unscented soap—especially if you're cleaning before intercourse, because who wants their man meat smelling like lavender or rosemary before doing the deed?