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This Gosha Rubchinskiy sweater is exactly the sweater I would ask my parents for in, like, eighth or ninth grade while on vacation. I would always try and hit up a skate shop or something like that when my family was traveling and use the "vacation souvenir" arguement as to why my parents should have bought me a random skate brand sweatshirt in San Diego or wherever. They'd always be like, "But how will this 'Hook-Ups' sweatshirt remind you of our trip?" And I'd be like, "Because that's where we bought it." It worked all of three times because most of the time my parents were all, "Your souvenirs are the memories we are creating together as a family." FUCK, THOSE SOUVENIRS SUCKED. Make up for all those times your parents didn't buy you something while on vacation by buying this $455 sweater with an alien skull on it and it'll be like nothing's changed since your family was miserable together in Tampa.