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COS always comes correct with its minimalist approach to wardrobe staples. But for Fall/Winter 2015, the Scandinavian brand has taken its vision to a whole new level.

During a presentation in Hong Kong earlier this week, COS revealed its upcoming range for men. The collection is almost like embellished minimalism, as each piece is clean and simple enough to slide into your existing wardrobe, but presented with enough unique details that it looks like nothing you’ve owned before.

Inspired by artists like Marina Abramovic and Olaf Otto Becker, this collection delivers classic threads like topcoats, knitwear, blazers, trousers, and button-ups in varying proportions, strong silhouettes, and utilitarian accents. The Eastern influence is also notable through a selection of sharp kimono-tinged joints that replace buttons with clasps. It's a perfect range for the dude who likes to keep things simple, but doesn't mind turning a few heads.

Check out the upcoming Fall/Winter collection below. You can shop COS’ current offerings at its online store.