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Style Dot Com got the exclusive first look at COS' F/W 15 collections and let's just say this shit is on point like a fucking fencer's sabre. COS recently opened its first New York store and is working to build a bigger footprint in the U.S. Hopefully, it will open more stores across the country that aren't haunted because this shit is a blessing from the gods of minimalism. H&M's higher-end, more classic and refined older brother, COS is the perfect stuff for simple dressing that won't make you fall asleep. Can you just imagine the temperature being slightly below 45 degrees (the perfect weather for necessary layering without being too cold), wearing this collection and taking your girlfriend out to a nice dinner where the plating is more noteworthy than the food itself? Most of this collection falls under the "classic" umbrella, but there are also a few cool details and standout pieces alongside the signature slim suiting. Scrub-like kimonos, topcoats sans lapels with clasps instead of buttons, PVC jackets, baggy pants and boxy, drop-shoulder sweaters are in the cut looking foine as hell. It's nothing overly shocking or daring, but that perfect balance of safety and smarts. COS continues to murk the whole "affordable, but not fast" fashion game.

[Photos via Style Dot Com]