Casely-Hayford has kinda quickly burst onto the menswear scene in the past year or so and for good reason. Their blend of crazy, actually sports-inspired sportswear and buttoned-up tailoring is a recipe that many brands have attempted, but CH has done better than many. How many times have you seen a trend story about how men are learning to mix their athleticwear with typical menswear staples? At this point, probably way too many. All those stories should probably just link to the Casely-Hayford website because they're doing it best. We usually just include the brand in our fashion week wrap-ups, but this lookbook was too good to ignore. S/S 15 really sets shit off with some intense colors and combinations. The split trench coat is wildly on point, the pinstriped coats with weird, askew zippers do just enough to be taken seriously and will undoubtedly be knocked off by Topman this fall. Same with the patchwork coat. Even though bright, shiny colors are something we stay away from—we're basically the opposite of moths to a flame—the shimmering gold and olive stuff in here isn't that bad. This collection is so good that it has me going off course. Some of these S/S 15 bangers are already in stores, so I hope your tax return came through.