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Instead of making fun of Betabrand like we usually do, this Medium piece goes in-depth into how founder Chris Lindland has built an empire off ridiculous products and descriptions. Suffice to say, Betabrand knows that it is goddamn ridiculous. But that's why it works. In 2014, Betabrand cleared $10 million in sales. And that's nothing to scoff at.

But the product isn't what sells. As we've thoroughly roasted before, the products are inherently pointless and borderline completely fucking stupid. It all started with "Cordarounds," corduroy pants with the wales going around the leg rather than up and down it. On it's face, that's pretty meaningless, but the narrative Lindland wove about them reducing friction and the temperature of your crotch had them flying off the shelves after all the news coverage they received. Then, when they were back-ordered, customer received regular, humorous updates to tide them over. Since then, there's been any number of insane gear looking for funding on Betabrand as a sort of "Kickstarter for fun and wacky clothing."

Betabrand thrives on the idea of selling clothes to those who don't care about fashion and opt for function over form, as stupid as that function may be, while also giving designers a place to showcase their ideas and get them funded. The process moves from ideas to sketches and mock-ups relatively quick. It's the precise opposite of fashion and, so far, it's working like a charm.

[Photo via Medium]