An artist is giving everyone the chance to feel like a millionaire. A new interactive piece at the Armory Art Show lets participants carry around an armored suitcase filled with $1 million in cash for 10 minutes.

The work, entitled Million Dollar Walk, is by artist Jonathan Schipper. According to Schipper, the motivation behind the show was to “even the playing field, if only for 10 minutes per person,” especially given that most art fairs are "meeting points of art and money" and are "made for people with money." 

Anyone is allowed to sign up and carry the million around Pier 94, where the show is being held. However, participants are fingerprinted, forced to leave his or her identification, handcuffed to the suitcase, and escorted along by one of Schipper’s friends. 

Schipper has a history of creating unusual interactive art shows. For one of his previous pieces, participants were encouraged to soak in a hot tub while a robot created a city out of salt

The exhibit wraps up at the Armory Art Show today, March 6.

[via Artsy]

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