It looks Spring 2015 will officially be Andy Warhol season for those who can't get enough of the artist's prints and patterns. Converse recently dropped a collection of Warhol apparel and footwear, and now WeSC has the rest of your body and life covered with their new collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation which is set to hit stores in March.

According to Artnet, the collection features six of Warhol's camoflauge patterns applied to skateboards, boxers, headphones, phone cases, hats, bags, and other apparel and accessories, so you can flood your closet brightly colored pieces that show how much you love Pop Art. The collection is not as recognizably Warhol-related as the Converse collection, or previous Warhol Foundation collabs that use graphics instead of prints, so it could also work for people who aren't superfans but dig the pattern and colors.

Image via WeSC
Image via WeSC

Leave your thoughts about the collection in the comments section below, and head to WeSC to find out more.

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