If you guys ever go, “{I wonder what kind of sneakers Jon would actually buy. He writes about so many sneakers, it's kind of hard to tell." WELL, HERE YOU GO. Victory Sportswear is a company based in Massachusetts that started off making bespoke sneakers for marathon runners. Thankfully, someone decided to bring the brand back in 2013 and Nepenthes had them make some New York Trail Runners for us to purchase. These sneakers are hand-lasted and can be resoled. Call up and/or email Nepenthes ASAP. Your boss can fucking wait because once you see these in a Nepenthes lookbook, you're gonna want a pair, but all us cool kids will have already bought them.

P.S. If "Victory Sportswear" doesn’t make you think of VICTORY-LIGHT DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM you're not allowed to listen to Desus vs. Mero anymore.