VICTIM, aside from the decidedly un-chill name, is a pretty chill clothing brand. The brand's S/S 15 collection is simple and straightforward. It's like your fruitless effort to undergo a "style evolution." See, I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend and started to get all my belongings in order ahead of time. That, of course, involved organizing all my shoes and clothes I wanted to keep. At a certain moment, I just thought to myself, "Fuck this. I should really just buy simple things from here on out." I thought I could pare all this shit down and end up with a nice, curated wardrobe, one that would allow me to write a personal experience essay about purging my wardrobe and provide some much-needed insight into how to get rid of clothes. I had this image in my head that I would end up with a wardrobe similar to this VICTIM lookbook: basic but not boring, some color, but not too much. Then, you start to realize how impossible it is to experience a "style evolution" if you're actively trying to force one. It doesn't work like that, bro. In the meantime, think about your future transformation knowing full well it will never happen by looking at this gear, especially since it's pretty much only available in Japan.