I always think of Blade Runner when I see translucent overlays, like the one on this matching Thom Brown hoodie and sweats set. It;s basically a regular ass Thom Browne, but with a translucent nylon ripstop fabric overlay. That is futuristic as fuck. I don't know why translucent overlays vibe so futuristic, but they just do. Actually, I might be walking that last statement back a little bit. Translucent can look futuristic as fuck, but can also just look kind of creepy as fuck too. Thankfully, if you wear T. Breezy, you will look somewhere in between. If your friends say you look more like a serial killer wearing his favorite dismembering joint instead of a time traveling police detective, that's more on the type of face you have than the actual garment. It's not our fault you look like a serial killer instead of a time traveling cop.