Are you guys getting excited? IT'S ALMOST NYFW WEEK TIME. That means me and my best friends get to reunite and hang out and smoke cigs and drink expensive coffees. It's like summer camp for my designer friends and I. Robert Geller and I will probably talk about how I got bangs and how he made this dope ass sweatshirt. The half zip detail? Perfect, Robbie, just fucking perfect. The zipper closure on either side of the kangaroo pocket? It's like he knew about the time I forgot my phone in my regular, crappy, non-Robert Geller hoodie only to remember when, after I pulled the sweatshirt over my head, my phone fell out and smashed a saucer at my favorite fancy café. Only your best friends remember embarrassing anecdotes like that and incorporate details into their new garments to make sure they won't happen to you again.