Officine Generale is officially *sticks thumb tack into bulletin board* on the map. The brand is just about three years old now and when I think of understated, solid, but also very cool and on brand clothing, I've started to think of Officine Generale. Look, we can't always post the weirdest shit out there on any given day. There has to be some balance and Officine appeals to our love of topcoats and bombers, while remaining what most would call a "tailoring" brand. Everything here is inoffensive, but not bland either. Among the slim suiting are bouclé wool coats, lightweight parkas and cropped macs in rich shades of grey, red and green. Sure, most of this may qualify as a "meeting the parents" starter kit, but if you had any sense of imagination or style, you'd also know how to mix and match these pieces with some of the more turbo garments hanging in your closet right now. Drop a long shirt underneath one of the topcoats with some patchwork jeans and someone might mistake you for a living legend they saw in the most recent issue of Popeye. That's about the highest compliment we know of.