I've heard many times that unless a woman tells you exactly what she wants in exactly the size she wants, you should avoid buying clothing for her all together. Listen, it's a big fucking risk. You go a size too small and she'll ask you if you think she's fat. You go a size too big and she'll, well, also ask you if you think she's fat. That is what we call an inevitable, fam. But I have a feeling that with Norse Projects' just launched women's collection you'll be able to safely buy your girl some clothing without fear. This shit is a goddamn problem. Like, the good kind of problem. We've written about women's garms a few times before and the unisex nature of Norse's new female-focused gear means that you and your significant other will probably be head-to-toe in the same shit this fall and completely unashamed of the situation for once. I've never been less afraid of wearing women's clothes than looking at this stuff right here. The coats, sweaters and obscenely long shirt dresses come together like Voltron in a full-on layering field guide. It's all so minimal and clean that, if you're feel selfless for the first time in your entire life, you can easily Animorph bae into das über bae when this shit drops in July.