There's A LOT going on with this denim shirt jacket thing: 11.5oz washed denim, a two way zipper placket, an interior placket flap and a band collar to top it all off. I want to wear this on a really picturesque road trip where I spend the whole time traveling to off the beaten path barns and Quonset huts, discovering super dope vintage Levi's and WWII era herringbone twill parkas and sterling silver jewelry and felt pennants and everything would be really dusty, but in that aesthetically pleasing way, not the allergen-inducing way. This nonnative tracker blouson would get all dusty and even more faded and probably even a little ripped, but it would just look even better. So good, in fact, that all my vintage customers would be like, "Where'd you get that amazing denim jacket?" And I'd have to admit, "Oh, this old thing? Yeah, it's not vintage."