In 2015, hemlines alone won’t cut it.

Machus, Portland's bastion of advanced style, progresses from a fine line of in-house T-shirts to present its first fully realized private label collection. The shirts are still there, but have been revamped slightly. A second iteration of the popular "Scott" receives an update of the hem, with angled bottom detail and an EXAGGERATED thickness doubled up to give a subtle volume. Another shift is the seam, which moves from the sides to a single line down the spine. The result is a cleaner fit with a progressive silhouette. Both long and short sleeves are available. Additionally, the split hem of the Scott finds form on a mid-weight black flannel, called—drum roll—"The Flannel." When ideas are fresh, names don't have to get all experimental, right?

Neither do pants. Machus' first forays into leg wear comprise a laying tight (the "Machus Legging") and a nylon jogger. The tight is long, for stacking and features a printed blade logo on the back seam. With subtle drop crotch and YKK zips at the back of the calf, the jogger is both kinda loose and kinda fitted. Mostly, both are simple enough to mix and match with all sorts of other brands, but still distinctive enough to push a clear aesthetic agenda.

The overall effect is leisure driven athletic with black as its best mentality. All Machus apparel is produced in downtown Los Angeles.