LONGJOURNEY insists on its name being styled in all-caps and as one word. We wouldn't always bow to such requests, but this new F/W 15 gear from the brand makes us want to be better people. There's A LOT to enjoy. The outerwear is done up with crazy waxed treatments and patchworked together with different fabrics and outfitted with zippered pockets. There's even patchwork cashmere sweaters and pants. Basically, everything has some form of patchwork going for it, whether it's strips across the chest of the trucker jacket or making up the entirety of a large noragi. Previous LONGJOURNEY collections traded mostly in black and dark blue, but F/W 15 widens the spectrum a bit with more white, grey and light blue. Overall, it's more dynamic as pieces feel a little more wearable and less fragile than before. F/W 15 is meant to take a beating. Fabrics are either stiff and strong or absurdly soft—the cashmere is fluffy and the denim has been treated so that it's malleable and not rigid. It's all incredibly impressive when seen in person, not that you can't tell from the photos or anything. Expect to see this stuff at the likes of Nomad and others when it hits later this year.