Levi's is synonymous with jeans, and jeans are definitely synonymous with being cool. The coolest kids in the world, they all wear jeans, and they have since the teenager concept came into being in the 1950's, when a whole new generation was shaking off the dust of post-war life, and stepping into their Levi's to go and be teenagers, and do teenage things, and listen to Rock and Roll. 

Pop culture was born, with kids exploring, creating, and shaping the things they were into and the older generation just didn't understand, and fast cars, drive-ins, and bowling alleys became the lifestyle of the teenager, and defines the very idea still to this day. For Spring 2015, Levi's Vintage Clothing pays homage to the rock and roll youth, with vintage cuts and styles, all shown off in the Bowlarama lookbook.

Check out the rest of the lookbook below, and head over to the LVC webstore to shop the collection now.