I'm trying to cop as many different genres of hats possible because I want to have a really dope hat rack in my apartment. Like, it'll be hidden behind a closet door, but when The Coveteur rolls up to profile the kid and my various creative spaces, they'll totally highlight that hat rack. It's cool because it's, like, a throwback to bygone style and interior design. But my hat rack will still be relevant by having box logo snapbacks, buckets and other rare hats from rare sub-labels of rare brands, like this JohnUNDERCOVER hat that's made by a really famous Japanese milliner, which adds ten cool points to the hat itself and seven cool points to my nonexistent hat rack, which will in turn add four and half cool points to my apartment, which, taking this shit further, means, in terms of comparing apartments as Pokémon, my apartment will beat your apartment's ass.