YOOOOOO, this just came hot off the presses this morning. According to the real journalists at WWD, JNCO jeans are BACK, MOTHERFUCKER! The company made its official comeback this week at Liberty Fairs in Las Vegas after getting a much needed cash injection. As I am sure all of you are aware, the wide-legged pants used to be the fucking shit. Then, skinny and slim jeans took hold and the fashion world was never the same much to the chagrin of ravers everywhere. But recently, the wide-legged pants business is booming, so what better brand to get in on the action than the gawds over at JNCO?

The new offerings coming for Fall/Winter 15 will include three product runs: a core collection, a fashion collection and a heritage group. The first two are more in-line with current trends aka BORING, with a skinnier fit and joggers amongst the selection. But—BUT—the heritage line will feature the classics with leg openings of 20+ inches.

A true story that I may have told here before, but I had a couple pairs of JNCOs when I was in elementary school between, like, 1995 and 1998. However, I didn't like that the gigantic fucking legs dragged on the ground, so I had my mom, master seamtress, open up the hems and put fucking drawstrings in them so they could be cinched at my ankles and turn into, like, parachute pants rather than your typical, everyday JNCO. They were super sick and I looked like a miniature, Caucasian MC Hammer. Yes, obviously I have been a visionary my entire life.

Anyway, we'll see if this gets off the ground later this year. Until then, all we can hope for is that Hulk Hogan gets an endorsement deal.