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Yesterday, Twitter was all over the outfits Katy Perry wore during her Super Bowl half-time performanceFor designer Jeremy Scott, though, it was about seeing the outfits he had made for the singer come to life. The designer spoke with WWD about the designs, the dancing sharks, and the flaming dress.

We all noticed Perry progress through multiple outfits, and Scott says that getting "her into four looks in about 10 minutes without her ever leaving the stage has been the trickiest part. The concept is kind of like a Russian nesting doll where you have things on top of things, and then you put something else on before you take something else of." He also adds, "I don’t think anyone has taken on four costume changes for a Super Bowl performance ever."

The beloved shark dancers—one has already done an AMA on Reddit—were also a favorite part of Scott's. "I love that she has these very cartoon, iconic elements dolls and sharks and all these kinds of ocean and beach elements that are rendered in such fun and playful ways that it’s actually quite cute," he says. And notes that the giant lion Perry rode in on is "epic and something for the history books."

Of course, the dress that everyone was comparing to a bag of flaming hot Cheetos and a Pokemon comes up. "Her flame look for the opening was inspired by my flame handle Adidas sneakers," he explains. Perry was apparently the one who brought up the design and "wanted the looks to be very Jeremy Scott." 

The designer also ran through all the outfits on his Instagram in posts you can see below.

You can read the whole interview on WWD.

[via WWD]