Yo, it's like the Gentry crew knows the exact way into my heart. And the path to my heart is paved with throwback Pistons jerseys, cropped but still baggy and kinda sagged trousers and dope coats. That sounds like a fairly specific way to pave a path to one's heart, but you gotta make sure the right people find it. For real, sorry Gentry stylist and Gentry fit model dude, I'm straight steez biting this entire look, but perhaps instead of the snakeskin custom Grant Hill jersey it'll be a Rasheed Wallace joint or a an old U of M Fab Five number. Maybe even Iverson. Damn, I gotta dig through the jersey drawer again. I got gems for days, fam. SPRINGTIME FINNA BE LIT. I'm gonna let you guys figure out what item is actually for sale here.