That's it, I'm all in on traditional hats. Fedoras, gaucho, pilgrim, wide brims, whatever, fam. Just stop thinking about how you look driving a car that can park itself while wearing a hat that originated in, like, 1834. If you think about it, horses were the original cars that could park themselves, so we've come full circle on this shit. So, yeah, check out these hats by GL NYC. Hand blocked in the Garment District, these are some nice felt jawnz for your head. Personally, I'm all about that "DIY" model because I like the dimples on the crown. It reminds me of the 50 Cent bar about how getting shot in the mouth gave him a dimple and instead of being bitter about it, he just realized he could go after Ma$e's fanbase. Shouts to GL NYC for making these silhouettes in colors other than just navy, brown or black. Like I said, we're out here driving cars that can park themselves, we can wear green cowboy hats.