FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS (FPAR) is not your typical streetwear brand. It was founded by Tetsu Nishiyama, the same mastermind behind WTAPS, the super premium high-end streetwear line that did away with logos and was sold on quality of construction, an innovative mindset at the time. FPAR's brand manifesto revolves around sabotaging the "fabricated information," put out by the mass media, and they call themselves guerrillas, hence the lookbook's lo-fi, be-gloved look. 

This season's offerings are only the second to be on sale outside of Japan, and the aesthetic very much stays on the same path as we've seen previously, featuring a largely monochromatic colour palette and wearing slogans like 'Way Back to Basics,' 'Media Killed the Guerrilla,' and 'Forty Percents Against Rights.' FPAR have also worked with industrial workwear brand Redkap on a work shirt and colleg jacket, and alongside the clothing sits a collection of homewares and accessories like tote bags, glasses, key rings, and patches.

Check out the rest of the lookbook below, and head to stockists like Goodhood, C-Store, Firmament, Slam Jam, and Colette to shop the collection.