Beloved British DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall is selling his beard clippings on eBay, and the bid is currently up to £19,000, approximately $28,907. It's hard to believe, but it looks like it's true. 

The beard has become iconic due to its association with Weatherall, but owning the beard offers other benefits as well. The facial hair remnants will also come with, according to the eBay description, "a steady revenue stream from appearances worldwide," as the clippings are being kept "on the books for events." The page also notes "the beard is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs through" 

How the beard escalated so quickly to this ludicrously high figure remains unknown. When the sale was first being reported, the price sat at just $67, but it shot up overnight while two users got in a massive bidding war.

Men are increasingly more pressed to have the dopest beards. Some have shelled out $7,000 for facial hair transplants, created ski masks with hair appended to them, and decorated their manes with flowers and Christmas ornaments. However, this is entirely next-level, presumably due to Weatherall's celebrity. It's still unclear who is insane (or loaded) enough to spend this much money on someone else's facial hair.

If you'd like to make a bid, or just watch the action go down, head on over to eBay now. 

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