You know the Bureau Belfast must be moving that EG weight because they got a Dayton shirt in an exclusive fabric. The Dayton shirt is a classic EG layering piece with a collarless design and simple side vents. I'm currently wearing a Dayton shirt right now, fam. That's a ringing fucking endorsement if I've ever seen one. The best look for a Dayton shirt is to shove a bunch of receipts in the lower pockets and then stash your sunglasses in the chest pocket, but forget about the sunglasses until you bend over to tie your shoe and they clatter out onto the floor of a fancy coffee shop and, of course, it's some revival style of tile so your sunglasses make a bunch of noise and then when you stand up all flustered and discombobulated, you can't find that seven dollars in singles you shoved into your pockets along with all those McDonald's receipts and then you realize that you still have some money on your debit card, so you buy the whole squad flat whites, but not actually flat whites because they have those at Starbucks now so really whatever is the new, cool coffee-related spinoff drink.