Are you tired of Timberland boots yet? Have the past two years not informed you that they're back "in," like, super hard? Maybe you've noticed, but just haven't taken part in the revolution, or maybe you're the exact opposite, buying every single pair of them ever since Jean Touitou brought them up as a strong ghetto signifier and Timberland pulled out of the A.P.C. collaboration, showing it has a very strong backbone. And you support that. Regardless, Concepts has a pretty banging pair releasing this weekend that should have everyone from the usual Timb enthusiasts to gratuitous eggplant emoji users excited. Look at that color. I didn't know cows came in purple. As per usual, these will be pretty damn limited with just 160 pairs available between the New York and Cambridge stores, followed by a limited online release. They'll be a strong $250, but Timbs are already on the uptick price-wise, so for a limited edition pair that sounds pretty standard. Hopefully you have better luck securing a pair of these than you do drunk texting your ex.