Fashion documentaries are typically some of the best and most interesting. The visuals and coverage surrounding the topic at hand are so well done and in-depth that you leave with a newfound sense of respect and admiration for what is going on in this world we obsess over. The September Issue was a huge hit, Bill Cunningham New York profiled one of the most important photographers in the business, Valentino: The Last Emperor was utterly fascinating and now, Dior And I is poised to become the next flick fashion fans rally around.

Following the turmoil of John Galliano's much publicized departure from Dior and the interim appointment of Bill Gaytten, who helmed the house for a few collections, Raf Simons took over as Christian Dior's creative director in 2012. Once named, he had just eight weeks to throw together his first collection for the brand, a couture line, which you can see here courtesy of Style Dot Com. The fact that it even got done is a testament to Raf's legacy and that's what Dior And I focuses on. You can see the trailer above and find a screening near your at the film's official website. This one should be pretty damn good, even if your interest is solely on menswear. I'm already searching for a torrent, even with the feds watching.