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Most of us look back at the '90s pretty fondly, but apparently some of us just haven't been able to let go of that decade at all. Enter Carolyn Anderson of Liverpool, England, a 28-year-old woman who has spent $30,000 on cosmetic surgeries, tanning, and other beauty procedures in order to look exactly like her one true idol: '90s bombshell Pamela Anderson. 

Carolyn Anderson, dubbed Scouse Pammie by the British press, is such a fan of the Baywatch star that she has dedicated her entire life to looking and acting like her. She's had 8 boob jobs in the past (her first pair of breast implants met a sad fate when they exploded in a tanning bed), wears blue contacts over her naturally brown eyes, and regularly receives Botox injections to emulate Pamela Anderson's signature pout.  

Images via Wikipedia and Carolyn Anderson on Twitter

Apparently, this fixation (obsession?) all started when she was 10 years old and her father casually commented that her new haircut made her look like Pamela Anderson. "I suppose I'm the culprit for everything that's happened," he admitted to Barcroft TV. 

We're not exactly sure why a 28-year-old would want to look like a 47-year-old, but at least she was more or less successful in achieving her goal—which is more than we can say for that British dude who dropped $150k on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian.